Standard Session Packages & Pricing

Turning Light & Time into Art

The Standard

Standard Package

1-2hr photoshoot.
1 outfit.
Proof Gallery to select from.
15 Mastered Photos Returned.
Sunset priority.
styling assistance.


The Dreamer

2-3hr photoshoot.
Up to 2 Outfits.
Proof Gallery to select from.
32 Mastered Photos Returned.
Sunset priority.
*Night Shoot [Optional]
*Professional Lighting Access
styling assistance.
*$50 off Hair & Makeup with Rook's Stylist. [Optional]


The Powerhouse

2-4hr photoshoot.
Up to 3 Outfits.
Proof Gallery to select from.
51 Mastered Photos Returned.
Sunset priority.
*Night Shoot [Optional]
*Professional Lighting & Gear Access
*Professional styling Access
*$100 off Hair & Makeup with Rook's Stylist. [Optional]


Add-Ons, Upgrades, & A La Carte Options

1 / 6

1 / 6


Great props can always enhance the experience, story, and overall feel of your shoot. This will vary from shoot to shoot, but a budget of $100-$200 can go a long way.

1 / 6

Pre-Photoshoot Content Upgrades

$175 - 10 Additional Photos

$350- 20 Additional Photos

$525- 30 Additional Photos

$110 - Glam & Aesthetics Reel

1 / 6


$262- 10 Additional Photos

$525- 20 Additional Photos

$787- 30 Additional Photos

$225- Glam & Aesthetics Reel

1 / 6


$150 - 1 Additional outfit [+3 Photos]

$175 - Professional Lighting Equipment and Heavy Equipment (i.e. generators) [+4 Photos]

$50 - Weekend Session

$150 - Hair & Makeup w/ Rachael Scheper

$150-$500 - Professional Styling and Wardrobe Access

$35/hr - Travel

1 / 6

Rush Options

48-hour final gallery turnaround. - $500

1-week final gallery turnaround. - $250

2-week final gallery turnaround. - $175

Average turnaround time is 4-5 weeks.

1 / 6


1 Photo returned for every $35 spent on outfits I recommend.

10% off your entire booking if paid for in full upfront.


What kind of locations are good for our session?

A.Our location is one of the last things we'll figure out. It depends on our theme, vibe, outfits, and you. Feel free to make suggestions if you have something in mind.

I've never done a photoshoot before.

A.No worries! Rook has plenty of experience with the unexperienced. You'll be directed, shown how to pose, and have the time of your life!

How long does it take to get photos back?

A.Typically around 4-5 weeks. Rush Options are available in the slides above.

Do you offer payment plans?

A.Yes payment plans are available! When filling out your booking form you'll find a spot where you can list out how you'd like to break up payments. Our system is flexible to meet your needs.

What kind of things should I think about before a shoot?

A.Remember that these photos are an artistic representation of you at this current moment in your life. You're going to want to look and be at your best.

Things people forget about:
Make sure to have your nails done or well groomed.
Hydrate well days beforehand.
Get a healthy amount of sleep the night before.
If you're not feeling your best on the day of, let Rook know.

Should I clear my schedule the day of our session?

A.Unless otherwise directed, yes. The day of can have multiple changes to our schedule. It all depends on things like weather, last minute outfit fixes, hair & makeup, etc. Rook may also have a fun new idea to mix in. Plus, it's your day; pamper yourself queen.

Why is photography so expensive?

A.How valuable is a life changing experience? Being able to positively change the way you see yourself? Unique art created not just for you, but around you? Images that evoke emotion and leave the viewer staring.

With my sessions you're not just paying for the photos. You’re paying for the experience; the expertise of a fine-art photographer, and a team of creative individuals who are passionate about creating a one-of-a-kind experience and beautiful imagery. Each photo series is imagined with you as the centerpiece of a fine art piece that belongs on the cover of magazines, on gallery walls, book covers, and movie posters. Influenced by fashion, iconic imagery, light, and capturing a moment in time. Our team will create a photo experience that will have you wanting more.

Not to mention photo gear is quite expensive and Rook has an arsenal of photo gear.