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Heyyo! I'm Rook,

a Charleston SC based creative portrait photographer. I have a global audience, 7 years of experience with over 2,500 sessions of pure magic, and a passion to turn light, time, and the lives of people into art. I love creating dreamy and nostalgic looks in my art, but have many skills in many areas, offering everything from headshots to weddings, easy portrait sessions to luxury experiences. Take a look around and find out for yourself why you need a life changing photoshoot experience.

* Make sure to set your playback quality to highest before viewing.

I strive to provide an experience that changes the way you see yourself for the better and gives you the foothold to make massive positive changes in your life. I have had countless clients tell me that our photoshoot changed their life in ways they couldn't imagine. Hopefully I can provide the same experience for you.