Seven years ago, in Hartsville SC, I began a journey I never dreamed I'd get to experience. A friend noticed how emotionally distraught I was when my love of creating music became more of chore than anything. She put a camera in my hand and said try this it might change your life. At the time I didn't know how charged with energy those words were. Over the next year I sought out people to shoot with while simultaneously putting small concerts and festivals together for B.A. Ferguson guitars. The owner of the shop and I became close lifelong friends, as he also became a life mentor for me. One day he showed me "The Secret" on YouTube, my path became even more assured as learned about manifestation and its power. I remember telling myself I'm going to be a great photographer one day and I'll manifest it. In my third year of photography I felt I was plateauing in Hartsville and made a plan to move to Charleston, SC. Not long after that I crammed my car, called a friend for a couch to sleep on and I was on my way. Over the next three years I built my brand, honed my skills, and fell deeper in love with a passion that has given me nothing but a magical journey. Now in my sixth year I'm learning master level skills that I didn't even know existed in this light capturing art form. I understand six years isn't a long time in the grand scheme, thus I'm passionately pursuing the next sixty years doing what I love.