The Goddess & The Anti-Hero

Directing your model, Posing, Low Light, and quick settings

Photography at its core is the art of storytelling through still images. But to create a captivating scene one must be able to direct their subject, understand light and how to capture it, and be able to work their scene. This workshop will focus on 4 key components that every photographer should understand in order to fully create a captivating story. You will not only learn to direct, but how to convey your vision. If you're not in manual, by the end of this workshop you will be, and you will understand why you prioritize certain settings over others. Aside from catching amazing new content for your portfolio, you will leave with a new set of skills that you will be able to build on and take your craft to the next level.


I'm often asked how I know so many poses. It's not having a repertoire of poses that's important, but rather an understand of the art of body language and composition. By the time you leave, you will have a basic understanding of this craft.


It's one thing to tell your subject what to do and aimlessly capture it on film. It is another to have a vision and be able to articulate what you see in your mind and translate it into a scene. There is an art to professionally interacting with your subject and having them mimic your vision. Through this workshop we will put into practice just how to do this.

Low Light

a daunting endeavor for many. How do I deal with grain? What kind of lights do I need? What should I look for in the dark? What Kind of lights do I need? In set 2 these questions and more will be answered.

Quick Settings

On the go, it can be a challenging task to dial in the right settings when your lighting is constantly changing. Ever shoot on a partly cloudy day and the sun constantly comes and goes, making it difficult to keep up with your settings? At this workshop we will put into practice quick dialing your exposure triangle, and why you should prioritize certain settings at certain times to create what you see in your mind.

The Goddess

In Studio | Ethereal | Constant Light | Editorial

Our first scene will be shot in studio using constant light. We will create an ethereal editorial goddess theme while focusing on body composition, multi level posing, and changing our lighting over and over.


What to Know Beforehand

Photographers will have the opportunity to opt-in to receiving a diffusion filter for their preferred lens.

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The Anti-Hero

On Location | Dark & Moody | Editorial

Our second scene will depict a neo-punk anti-hero. Our focus will be on directing the scene and understanding our settings in various low-light situations. We will incorporate the use of on-the-go constant lighting to enhance our images and create something surreal.


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What to Know Beforehand

Photographers will have the opportunity to opt-in to receiving a handy and powerful light for on-the-go purposes.

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