Pricing & Packages

Photography is an intensive and widespread yet delicate skill set. Much like getting a piece of art placed on your body for life, when you choose a photographer, you are choosing someone to capture a moment forever. You want it done by a master so you know that moment will forever be captured in a professional yet magical manner.

Pricing & Packages

A Simple Pawn

1 hour session | simple outfit | 15 Photos Returned

Folly Beach, Hampton Park, The Battery

*Best For:
Headshots, easy non-creative sessions, budget photoshoots


The Visionary Knight

Best for photoshoots with a creative theme or non-traditional senior photos.

Employese of props (some may need to be purchased), specialty lighting, generator and other large equipment.

25 Photos Returned | 1 Reel Returned


The Prolific Rook

$175 per look (3-6)

Best for doing multiple semi simple themes, or for those who want a lot of content. This Package is also reccomended for brands.

-10 photos/per look
-1 reel per look

$175/Per Outfit

Upgrade Option

+$150 For an additional outfit & 15 Extra Photos

$100 - Print Package: 2 8x10s, 5 5x7s, 10 4x6s


+$100 For 10 Extra Photos

+$75 for 1 additional Reel

+$200 for 1 additional theme

$100 - Print Package: 2 8x10s, 5 5x7s, 10 4x6s


$100 - Print Package: 2 8x10s, 5 5x7s, 10 4x6s

The Queen’s Secret

*Best for confidence building, Spicy themed shoots, or boudoir

-25 photos returned
-1 reel returned
-styling assistance
Locations: Boudoir Studio, Airbnb, or Hotel


The knight’s Portfolio

Locations: Studio & On Location depending on chosen outfits
-1 day full portfolio
Proofing: 100-500 photos to choose from
6-8 Outfits
-5-10 photos digital per outfit for social media



$100 - Print Package: 2 8x10s, 5 5x7s, 10 4x6s

-Shots include: (digital & Physical)

 1. Headshot

 2. Full body shit

 3. Side profile

 4. 3/4 shot

 5. Fashion

 6. Strong smile

 7. Commercial

 8. Fitness

 9. Swimwear if comfortable

 10. Strong closing shot